Aetobatus narinari - Clementiunpubl1

Species Aetobatus narinari
Superorder Batoidea
Order Myliobatiformes
Subclass Elasmobranchii
Family Aetobatidae
Source observation fishery_independent
General data type sSPUE
Unit individual per BRUV
Unit freeform mean
Unit transformation
Sampling Method general sighting
Year Value
2009 0.166666667
2010 0.137254902
2011 0.176470588
2012 0.054054054
2013 0.225806452
2016 0.421052632
2017 0.222222222
2018 0.233333333
Ocean Atlantic
Name BĂ©lize, Glovers Reef and Southwater Cay
Latitude 16.83
Longitude -87.96
MEOW Tropical Northwestern Atlantic
FAO Atlantic, Western Central
ID 25683
AuthorYear Clementiunpubl1
DataSource <html>Aetobatus <i>narinari</i> unpubl. data from Predator Ecology and Conservation Lab (PEC Lab), Florida International University, compiled by Gina Clementi</html>
data entered false
Identifier 3446
Experts for representativeness IUCN NWAtlantic sharks and rays - Bahamas June 2019
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