Carcharhinus acronotus - Pollackunpubl1

Species Carcharhinus acronotus
Superorder Galeomorphii
Order Carcharhiniformes
Subclass Elasmobranchii
Family Carcharhinidae
Source observation fishery_independent
General data type nCPUE
Unit individual
Unit freeform average betweem summer and fall
Unit transformation
Sampling Method general trawl
Year Value
2009 0.07684711540350905
2010 0.017297477504624095
2011 0.018167757584256563
2012 0.07647253689883408
2013 0.03180914512922465
2014 0.032108689718854805
2015 0.027995107542855734
2016 0.010900976112848815
2017 0.013190355580842783
2018 0.017360576246077637
Ocean Atlantic
Name North Gulf of Mexico (USA)
Latitude 25.0
Longitude -89.0
MEOW Warm Temperate Northwest Atlantic
FAO Atlantic, Western Central
ID 25692
AuthorYear Pollackunpubl1
DataSource Carcharhinus acronotus unpubl. data from NOAA Fisheries, SEFSC, Mississippi Laboratories, compiled by Adam Pollack
data entered false
Identifier 3539
Comments major change in the survey design in 2008/2009. 1987-2008 also in database
Experts for representativeness NA
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