Carcharhinus altimus

Superorder: Galeomorphii

Subclass: Elasmobranchii

Order: Carcharhiniformes

Family: Carcharhinidae

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IUCN Red List
Species Regulated by International Treaties

CITES: Appendix II (2022)



Name Value Standard ValueType Sex Location Reference
Lmax-observed 215 cm TL max Male Indonesia white2007a
Lmax-observed 251.7 cm TL max Female Indonesia white2007a
Length at first maturity 205 cm TL min Male Indonesia white2007a
Lbirth 83 cm TL raw_value Pooled Indonesia white2007a
Length at maternity 244 cm TL raw_value Female Indonesia white2007a


Name Value Standard ValueType Sex Location Reference
Uterine fecundity 4 n raw_value Female Indonesia white2007a


Location Unit Reference
Western and Central Pacific
individual Tremblay-Boyer2016 Details

Group Trends

Location Unit Reference
West Atlantic
individual baum2003 Details

Contributors to the data of this species

  • ajudah
  • Nathan Pacoureau