Sphyrna lewini,mokarran,zygaena - bezerra2016

Species Group
Source observation fisheries
General data type sCPUE
Unit individual per 1000hook
Unit freeform
Unit transformation
Sampling Method general longline
Year Value
2004 0.155
2005 0.1606
2006 0.1104
2007 0.322
2008 0.1717
2009 0.0937
2010 0.0343
2011 0.0919
Ocean Atlantic
Name Brazil coast to mid Atlantic
Latitude -15.0
Longitude -25.0
PPOW South Central Atlantic Gyre; Subtropical Convergence; Equatorial Atlantic
MEOW North Brazil Shelf; Tropical Southwestern Atlantic; Warm Temperate Southwestern Atlantic
FAO Atlantic, Southwest; Atlantic, Southeast; Atlantic, Eastern Central
ID 1716
AuthorYear bezerra2016
Start Page
Epub Date
SourceYear 2016
DataSource Shark-references
doi 10.1111/jfb.13062
Reference BEZERRA, N.P.A. & TRAVASSOS, P. & HAZIN, F.H.V. (2016) Vulnerability to longline fisheries of three hammerhead shark Sphyrna species in the south-western and equatorial Atlantic Ocean. Journal of Fish Biology, 89 (2): 1419 10.1111/jfb.13062
data entered false
Identifier 4157
Comments Time-series represents group: Sphyrna lewini, S. mokarran, S. zygaena
Experts for representativeness NA
Figure Name Bezerra_2016_Hammerhead
Page and Figure Number p1427f7
Line Used standardizedCPUE
PDF Page 9