Observed timing of parutrition


Species Name Value Standard ValueType Location Reference
Alopias vulpinus Parturition November-April Month Mexican Central Pacific mendizabal1995
Carcharhinus acronotus Parturition May Month min South Carolina driggers2004a
Carcharhinus brachyurus Parturition October Month raw_value GAB, Gulf St. Vincent & Spencer Gulf, South Australia drew2017
Carcharhinus brevipinna Parturition August Month mean Senegal and 4 individuals from Algeria capape2003d
Carcharhinus brevipinna Parturition September Month raw_value Northeastern Taiwan joung2005a
Carcharhinus falciformis Parturition May-October Month raw_value Gulf of Tehuantepec alejoplata2016
Carcharhinus galapagensis Parturition March Month min Hawaii wetherbee1996b
Carcharhinus limbatus Parturition May Month min Northwestern Gulf of Mexico branstetter1987
Carcharhinus limbatus Parturition May-June Month Mexican Central Pacific mendizabal1995
Carcharhinus limbatus Parturition October Month min Indonesia white2007a
Carcharhinus melanopterus Parturition November Month min Moorea, French Polynesia mourier2013a
Carcharhinus melanopterus Parturition August Month min Indonesia white2007a
Carcharhinus plumbeus Parturition February Month min Northeastern Taiwan branstetter1987c
Carcharhinus sorrah Parturition Late September Month min Indonesia white2007a
Eusphyra blochii Parturition May Month min Tamil Nadu devadoss1988a
Eusphyra blochii Parturition April Month min Maharashtra setna1949b
Eusphyra blochii Parturition February Month min Timor Sea stevens1989d
Galeocerdo cuvier Parturition September Month min Main Hawaiian Islands whitney2007
Gymnura marmorata Parturition June Month Baja California peninsula burgosvazquez2013
Gymnura marmorata Parturition April-July Month Baja California peninsula davilaortiz2002
Gymnura micrura Parturition February-July Month Campeche cusalazar2014
Hemigaleus australiensis Parturition February Month Timor Sea stevens1991a
Hemigaleus australiensis Parturition September Month Timor Sea stevens1991a
Hemipristis elongata Parturition April Month Timor Sea stevens1991a
Loxodon macrorhinus Parturition September Month min Indonesia white2007a
Mustelus henlei Parturition May-August Month Baja California peninsula sotolopez2018
Mustelus manazo Parturition March Month raw_value Indonesia white2007b
Nasolamia velox Parturition February-March Month Gulf of Tehuantepec dominguezarellano2003
Paragaleus pectoralis Parturition May Month min Senegal Coast capape2005a
Prionace glauca Parturition October (Spring) Month raw_value Cape Point to Port Elizabeth, some frozen from Table Bay to Port Elizabeth jolly2013
Pristis pectinata Parturition November Month min Charlotte Harbor Estuarine System, Florida poulakis2011
Pristis pristis Parturition October Month min Lake Nicaragua astorqui2067
Pristis pristis Parturition January Month min Fitzroy River, Australia kyne2021
Pristis pristis Parturition October Month min Lake Nicaragua-Rio San Juan System kyne2021
Pristis zijsron Parturition October Month min Sudanese Red Sea elhassan2018
Pseudobatos productus Parturition July-August Month raw_value Baja California peninsula downtonhoffmann2007
Pseudobatos productus Parturition June-October Month Gulf of California marquezfarias2007
Rhinoptera bonasus Parturition March-June Month Campeche perezjimenez2011
Rhizoprionodon acutus Parturition July Month min Indonesia white2007a
Rhizoprionodon lalandii Parturition August Month min south-eastern Brazil andrade2008
Rhizoprionodon longurio Parturition April-June Month Gulf of California marquezfarias2005a
Rhizoprionodon longurio Parturition May-August Month Mexican Pacific/Gulf of California mejiasalazar2007
Rhizoprionodon taylori Parturition January Month raw_value Cleveland Bay, Queensland, Australia simpfendorfer1993
Sphyrna lewini Parturition June-July Month Mexican Central Pacific anisladotolentino2000
Sphyrna lewini Parturition July-September Month raw_value Oaxaca -Mexico bejaranoalvarez2011
Sphyrna lewini Parturition May Month min Senegal capape1998
Sphyrna mokarran Parturition October Month min East Australian coast harry2011a
Sphyrna mokarran Parturition December Month min Timor Sea stevens1989d
Triaenodon obesus Parturition August Month raw_value Indonesia white2007a
Triaenodon obesus Parturition May Month min Oahu, Maui, Molokini, Kona - Hawaii whitney2012a
Urotrygon chilensis Parturition March-April Month Sinaloa-Gulf of California rubiolozano2009
Urotrygon chilensis Parturition August-October Month Sinaloa-Gulf of California rubiolozano2009